Fix Auto Chicago Stays Modern With Innovative Equipment From Spanesi Americas

To stay competitive in their market, Fix Auto Chicago’s general manager, Peter Reszczynski, knows it’s imperative to stay up-to-date with the most innovative and modern equipment available.

That’s why his shop invested in the 14500A Spanesi Spot Welder, Touch Electronic Measuring System, and Spanesi Q5.2 Mig Welder from Spanesi Americas. He shared, “As cars became more sophisticated and with the increasing need to invest in OE certifications, we saw a need to update and modernize our tools and equipment.”

Fix Auto Chicago is a busy 9,000- square-foot location in Chicago, IL, that employs 20 automotive repair industry professionals who repair an average of 100 vehicles each month, performing both collision and mechanical repairs. In addition to participating in five DRP programs, the shop has acquired OEM certifications from Honda, Nissan, Infinity, KIA, Hyundai and FCA.

According to Reszczynski, “It was very important to us that Spanesi was recognized and approved by the car brands we were interested in certifying with. Currently, we’re using Spanesi’s 14500A spot welder, measuring system and Q5.2 MIG welder, and we also plan to purchase two of their frame racks to replace our aging structural equipment as well as a suite of tools for a Ford aluminum certification we’re working towards.”

Transitioning from their old tools to the innovative equipment manufactured by Spanesi was simple for Fix Auto Chicago. The company also supports the shop with superior customer service and training.

“With direct personal assistance from Tim Morgan, installing and implementing our Spanesi equipment was a seamless transition, and whenever we need assistance, Spanesi is always there. For instance, when our technician damaged one of the arms on the spot welder, Spanesi immediately delivered a replacement the following day. When we hire new techs, Spanesi trainers are available to assist us with onboarding and training.”

Technicians at Fix Auto Chicago love the tools from Spanesi Americas. Reszczynski said, “Spanesi equipment is intuitively designed with the technician in mind. Techs adapt to it quickly and truly like using Spanesi equipment.”

Reszczynski and his partner, Andrew Pulaski, founded their shop in 1984, originally named Import Auto Inc. Both men were born in Poland, where they learned to repair cars according to European standards.

Beginning by renting two stalls in a local body shop, Reszczynski and Pulaski were able to move into a 5,500-square-foot shop before long, attracting customers through Reszczynski’s sales efforts and maintaining them by delivering high-quality repairs.

In 2014, Reszczynski and Pulaski decided to join Fix Auto after analyzing the marketplace and determining their independent shop would be safer under the franchise. They also felt it would be easier to deal with insurers and technological advances as part of a larger organization.

Reszczynski pointed out, “Let’s talk about the future of the industry; collision repair is an $8 billion industry, and change is accelerating geometrically. If you are a shop owner, do not get left behind. “The severity of claims is rising while the frequency is decreasing.

Meanwhile, repairability of cars has grown in difficulty with the accelerated implementation of ADAS in newer vehicles and virtually connected cars.” Spanesi’s Touch Electronic Measuring System provides a quick, easy diagnostic evaluation of damaged vehicles that is simple to understand and to print out for the shop’s repair file. The system’s database contains all main points of chassis and suspension parts and can be used with any lift, straightening bench or rack.

In addition to offering shops the ability to create a personalized database, the Touch measures all disassembled and assembled parts in order to diagnose every component of the vehicle.

Spanesi spot welders are equipped with LCD control panels with a reduced number of buttons and simple images to aid user welder operation, and setup is easy.

The machine’s suspension system helps support the weight of the gun, making it even easier to use for extended periods of time. Spanesi’s Q5.2 boasts a three-torch synergic inverter MIG/MAG welder, providing the capability of welding steel, silicon bronze and aluminum in the same machine. The machine is also configured to automatically recognize which torch is being used and select the correct preset welding parameters for the technician.

Ensuring OE-required procedures and dealing with the increasing challenges presented by advancing technology may be difficult, but Fix Auto Chicago is rising to the challenge with the help of Spanesi equipment.

Reszczynski praised the products, saying, “Spanesi’s 14500A Spot Welder and the Spanesi Q5.2 MIG Welder are quicker and more reliable than other welders available on the market. The Touch measuring system allows efficient structural measuring during our blueprinting and repair process. Overall, Spanesi equipment is much more technologically advanced than our previous equipment, and that gives us better control of the repair process, ensuring the safe, high-quality repair that our customers expect and deserve.”